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Azithromycin where to buy

Antibiotics represent a known barrier that effectively provides a treatment for and control over pathogens, the agents such as bacteria and viruses responsible for causing diseases. For this reason, the presence of antibiotics such as azithromycin in the social environment not only essential because of its efficacy in treating diseases but also because in doing so, it extends life. However, appreciating what azithromycin where to buy means can be a bit difficult without a concerted search effort.

Search Process to Know Where to Buy

The trick for discovering where to purchase azithromycin is by using the keywords “purchase antibiotics without a prescription” and “online” using Google and Yahoo search engines. Do that and presto, you’ll get a pop up of incredible results such as information on 138 vendors selling antibiotics like azithromycin. Of the vendors, you’ll find that 36.2% of them sell antibiotics without prescription but the larger 63.8% do.

You will also discover that penicillins are found on 94.6% of the sites, Fluoroquinolones on 61.6% and cephalosporins on 56.5%. Almost all the vendors (98.6%) ship their products to the United States with deliveries ranging between 7 and 8 days with 46.1% expecting delivery in over 7 days. When your look at the vendors that sell macrolides, a whopping 93.3% sell azithromycin in quantities of more than a single course of medication and those selling antibiotics without a prescription understandably did the same as the first group of vendors selling their antibiotics in more than a single course of medication with customers receiving their order more than 7 days after ordering.

The complete picture in a nutshell, so to speak, is fully explained by the diagram in Table 1 below which shows the products being sold (which includes azithromycin listed fifth on the diagram), where they are sold, whether they are sold without a prescription or with an online prescription and prescription amounts.

Characteristics Available Without Prescription % Available With Online Prescription PValueª
Penicillins available 94.0 94.3 .94
Macrolides available 96.0 96.6 .86
Fluoroquinolones available 96.0 42.0 <.01
Cephalosporins available 74.0 46.6 <.01
Azithromycin in quantities larger than a single course (among those selling macrolides) 100.0 89.8 .02
Sell to United States 96.0 100.0 .06
Sell to Canada 90.0 75.0 .03
Sell to United Kingdom 98.0 77.3 <.01
Usual delivery time >7 days 60.0 37.1 .02

Sites Available for Selling Antibiotics

Not mentioned in Table 1 of the diagram is the mindboggling number of sites and vendors who sell antibiotics on the Internet as identified by 2 major search engines Google and Yahoo. The Google search engine yielded a staggering 290,000 sites while the Yahoo picked up an even more staggering 2 million sites.

This suggests that the number of sites and vendors that sell different types of drugs for medicinal purposes is very high in terms of online availability. However, it must be borne in mind that when the sites and vendors that sell counted individually the numbers tend to dwindle significantly. For instance when we focus on the sites and vendors for azithromycin only, we are faced with a tally of only 3oo sites that sells this antibiotic without a subscription.

But, even if this is the case, it should be remembered that online purchasing would make even 300 sites a welcome option to customers who would complete a purchase (with or without a prescription) and expect their product to be delivered in a matter of just a week or slightly over. This would spur online selling instead of dampening them.

All this means that if you approach only one of these vendors you are sure to obtain the medication you need because many of the sites sell macrolides that also include the drug azithromycin in quantities larger than a single course of treatment. As already indicated, the figure of 100% indicates that the 300 or more sites that sell azithromycin will sell the medication in quantities larger than a single course of treatment without a prescription. This means there’s enough to share around.

In contrast, those that give prescriptions online following a cursory interview between the vendor and customer (most of which fail to conform to FDA standards), the number is slightly lower at 89.8%. What can be deduced from the figures that are given in the above diagram is that sites and vendors in the US provide a satisfactory situation where people are provided with an available supply of antibiotics to satisfy their needs.

This reality is confirmed by the fact as shown in the diagram, that the United States not only sells a significant amount of medicines within its own borders (96.0% without prescription and 100% with an online prescription) but also to the United Kingdom (98.0% without prescription and 77.3% with online prescription) and Canada (90.0% without prescription and 75.0% with online prescription). It can be safely assumed here that the needs for medicinal drugs in the United States are being met.

Perhaps the main issue that arises from the sale of macrolides that includes azithromycin is that the bacteria causing the disease develops resistance against the drug treatment and renders it ineffective. This means that the bacteria causing the disease becomes more or less immune to the drug’s potency and requires higher dosages. This has happened because sometimes patients stop their treatment during a treatment period or customers are able to buy the medication without a prescription and they treat themselves in such a way that they prevent the treatment for working effectively.

Bottom Line

It would appear from the above information that there are no issues surrounding the availability of macrolides and indeed other drug medications worldwide. Sites and vendors galore are available to supply the medication and anyone has access to azithromycin and indeed the other macrolides. You can use the method used in this article to identify the sites and augment your findings by making enquiries to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for more detailed information on Azithromycin where to buy.

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