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Crypto Coin BITCOIN with BitcoinPay is an auto check out you are given a QR code and a wallet. You have 20 minutes for your transaction to confirm or the order will cancel out as non paid. If you pay and it takes longer they system will recognize it still. Please pay and use the BTC quoted amount not the USD amount as every wallet can value crypto coin differently. Do not ever send from exchanges as they can take up to a day or more to process withdraws.

Manual Crypto Coin Payment (LTC / ETH / BTC) : Please select this to get a manual wallet for payments that can not be made timely; we send out wallets automatically 1 minute after the order is placed please check your inbox / spam box. We send you BTC, LTC, ETH wallet (and if we add coin wallets we will ad them here).

Credit Cards: You can easily pay with credit cards by selecting readies at check out. When you get directed to the readies site you use CHECK OUT AS GUEST on the page (no account needed with them).

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