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Shipping costs: We try to keep our shipping options up to date, currently we recommend EMS shipping first and foremost. EMS shipping is average 1-2 weeks from day of sending to receipt but this is average we can not push the mail service to do faster nor can we guarantee an arrival day. We are allowed to make a note on the package to waive signature as this is a signature service but this is up to yoru postal carrier to honor this request or not, many do however. With EMS we have a free reship option if items are held or lost. Cost is 25 USD at time or writing this. Airmail is slow with average 3 weeks and has no tracking capabilities, due to this we do not recommend this because with out tracking we do not offer any reship options or guarantee as we have no way to know if items arrived or not. We really do not like to use this option as we wish to make sure our clients get their goods. Tracking services, you can use to track EMS packages however please note to open up tracking history as they do a poor job of updating their front page. For example their page could say preparing to ship when it has actually left already. We do recommend sites like or others. Please use you real ship to name or the real name of who you are shipping to, we ship openly and if for whatever reason packages are at the postal stations waiting for pick up for example no one home at delivery you will need to show ID to pick up the package. Some people use fake names to ship to and we do not advise you do this we ship openly and legally, using a false name to ship to will result in you accepting all risk for non delivered product and no refunds will be issued for anything order sent to a fake or false name. Returns or Refunds: We do not take any returns or offer any refunds after items have left our shop. If a package is returned to us for any reason, we will at our discretion issue a refund for product cost excluding all cold chain product but we will not issue refunds for shipping costs. This is under the assumption that we have fulfilled an order and it was sent but non delivered due to you out of town for example and the post returns the package to us. Returns can take up to three months by the USPS also be advised. Legality: The products we sell and ship are legal in our region to sell over the counter, you are responsible for knowing your own local rules. Grade of products: All products we sell are made by legal registered Pharmacy Companies, there is no product that is home made or produced from untested raw material. Shipping location: As stated in our about us, we are located and ship from Maharashtra India. Out of Stock items: At times product is out of stock or expired date stock, when this happens we reserve the right to ship alternate product equal or better and if we can not that we reserve the right to ship your order without the product in question and offer either store credit or refund via crypto coin to you.
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