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Foods That Can Combat Premature Ejaculation

In most men, premature ejaculation occurs infrequently and isn’t usually a cause for worry. However, if it occurs too often and ends up plaguing your sex life, it can very well be a cause for concern. Studies have shown that premature ejaculation has a direct relationship with age, dropping testosterone levels and more.   Before going to purchase medicine that is proven to assist with Premature Ejaculation like Dapoxetine or the new Super Erectile Dysfunction medications you might want to take a look at your diet.


Asparagus is associated with several health benefits in men. Primary among them is its positive impact in boosting sex drive in men. Asparagus is rich in several minerals and vitamins including the key vitamin E which s known to boost hormone functioning in men.


Vitamin D is another key component that is linked with boosting sex drive. Consuming around 2 eggs will day will work wonders in boosting testosterone levels in men. Eggs are among highly effective foods that cure premature ejaculation in men.

Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates are identified to be one of the foods that cure premature ejaculation. They stimulate blood flow to the male sex organ. Dark chocolates contain L-Arginine Hcl, an important amino acid that regulates hormone production in the body.


Carrots are replete with vitamins and all forms of essential minerals. Vitamins in carrots help to strengthen penile muscles as well and help in regulating blood flow to the male sex organ.


Oats contain serotonin, an essential chemical that helps in reducing anxiety and stress levels. Premature ejaculation is directly linked to increased levels of anxiety and stress. Moreover, oats are high in protein thereby helping in boosting testosterone.


This herb from the western part of India has been used for centuries to improve sexual stamina in men. It prevents premature climax in men and also reduces anxiety and stress levels. It is perhaps the best herb to prevent premature ejaculation.


Often referred to as the wonder fruit, avocados are rich in several vitamins including C,K and B. Vitamin K helps in regulating blood flow to important organs of the body. Also, avocados are rich in proteins and fibers that act as natural sex boosters.


Among the many foods that prevent premature ejaculation, blueberries sure feature at the very top. Blueberries are supremely effective in eliminating free radicals in the body. Free radicals usually interfere with sperm count in men.


Bananas contain an incredibly effective enzyme called bromelain which boosts sex drive in men. It is also known to increase sperm count in men.


They cure impotency, erectile dysfunction and also premature ejaculation. Walnuts are wonder foods to cure premature ejaculation. They are rich in proteins and crucial minerals.


Cereals have supreme levels of efficacy as far as helping you last longer in bed goes. They contain thiamine and also niacin. Niacin is associated with longer and stronger erections, giving you explosive orgasms and longer periods in bed.

Green Celery

Rich in androstenone and adrostenol, green celery is among highly impressive foods that cure premature ejaculation.

Onions And garlic

Both onions and garlic are high in allcin, a crucial ingredient that boosts sex drive in men. Allicin admirably regulates blood flow to the male sex organ.


Almonds are rich in zinc and proteins. Zinc rich foods are natural remedies for premature ejaculation.

Beans And Mushrooms

Beans and Mushrooms, once again, are rich in zinc. Beans like kidney beans are natural in boosting sex drive in men.

If change in your nutrition is not helping then it might be time to review the use of Dapoxetine or the newer Super ED medications in your lifestyle.

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