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Guide to Post Cycle Therapy

Guide to Post Cycle Therapy


The proper use of ancillaries are as important if not more important then the Anabolic Steroids themselves are as part of a steroid cycle. Post Cycle Therapy will be required after all steroid cycles becomes steroids of all types suppress natural testosterone. However unlike many factors in life, PCT is not standard no one can say do this and you will get that, PCT varies by each person and each cycle and is dependent upon a persons Age, Genetics, which Steroid is used on cycle, Duration of cycle, dosages taken, and of course your past experience.


First let us look at the difference between Aromatase Inhibitors (AI) and PCT. Post Cycle Therapy is taken to control levels of estrogen, re regulate hormonal levels and get the steroid user back to normal after a cycle of steroids. AI is the most often used during a steroid cycle to control estrogen but it can be added at the end of a cycle to help eliminate and decrease estrogen levels during PCT. In PCT you consume a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERMS) to help control estrogen so you avoid getting gyno, maintain your gains you made on cycle, and boost your natural testosterone levels. Examples of SERMs are Nolvadex and Clomid. It is of the utmost importance to have your AI and your PCT planned well in advance of any cycle as you do not which to find yourself lacking any necessary item.


Examples of SERMs are:


Nolvadex  [wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Nolvadex’ link=’’ style_id=” target=’self’]

Clomid  [wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Clomid’ link=’’ style_id=” target=’self’]



Examples of AI are:


Arimidex  [wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Arimidex’ link=’’ style_id=” target=’self’]

Aromasin / Exemestane  [wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Exemestane’ link=’’ style_id=” target=’self’]

Letromina   [wpi_designer_button text=’Buy Letro’ link=’’ style_id=” target=’self’]


An item often added to PCT but should be used during cycle is:


HCG – HCG if you plan your cycle correctly then HCG would only be needed if you made an error, the use of HCG during cycle is highly recommended.   [wpi_designer_button text=’Buy HCG’ link=’ style_id=” target=’self’]


And remember that Arimidex and Aromasin are often used in PCT as well as during cycle.




Back to the Factors that affect how much / how often / what items / and more during our PCT are:


AGE: The males endocrine system does not fully develop until 20 to 25 years old which makes it of utmost importance to avoid steroids until it does develop. Under this age a males testosterone is naturally at its highest point, and adding more testosterone at this point can damage you for later in life. On the flip side, the older we get the more difficult it is to recover from a steroid cycle as our hormones are weakened by age. If you are over 35 it is imperative you use a proper PCT, some younger guys on a light cycle can bounce back to normal but it is not the norm to be able to recover properly from a steroid cycle at any age.


GENETICS: No two people are alike, so every person has a different need when it comes to PCT. Some with a naturally high testosterone level can generally bounce back more easily where as someone with a low Testosterone level will require a more active PCT.


Steroids Used: Each steroid has different compounds and will affect the body differently. Items used for 8 weeks and in moderation of dose will cause natural testosterone to suppress are: Dianabol, anadrol, winstrol, halostin, anavar, masteron, Primobolan and equipoise. They will not cause a total shut down but they will limit the amount the effectiveness of the body to make natural testosterone.   Items that will cause a total shut down of testosterone (as well as LH, FSH) if used more then a week to three weeks: Testosterone, Sustanon, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, and Parabolan.


DURATION: It makes common sense the longer your cycle the more aggressive your PCT needs to be. It is important you limit your cycles to 12 weeks or less to make recovery easier the longer you go the harder it will be to bounce back to normal. For higher doses not only should a person use HCG post cycle but during cycle is also highly recommended by man to maintain size and function of the testes.


DOSE: The quantity of steroids taken will impact the PCT. The more you use more complex and strong your PCT needs to be.


PAST EXPERIENCE: Every person is different and many factors come into play such as diet, nutrition, sleep quality, but starting a basic testosterone cycle first, doing a basic PCT and judging how your individual body reacts is important before jumping to higher or more complex cycles.


Remember keep your Prolactin items on hand like Cabergolin / Dostinex / Caber and a well stocked assortment of AI / PCT on hand prior to any cycle. It is best to have wasted 10 / 20 USD and have items on hand and not use them during their expiration time then to be without them and needing them.


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