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Gynecomastia / Gyno on a Steroid Cycle

If asked, most bodybuilders will say one of their biggest concerns about taking steroids is Gynecomastia (gyno) or known as man boobs in slang terms. Gynoecomastia is the enlargement of a man’s breast tissue that gives their breasts a close resemblance to female breasts, which takes place during a hormonal imbalance. Steroid use can cause elevated levels of estrogen, elevated to much higher then normal levels which can cause the female receptors in the male body to activate and receive stimuli.   When a males mammary gland becomes stimulated due to high estrogen levels, breasts will grow. While we are talking about Gynecomastia on a steroid cycle it should be noted that gyno can be caused naturally in many males due to puberty or obesity and is not only caused by steroid use.

The warning signs of Gynecomastia is tender or sensitive breasts or nipples, swelling of the breast / nipples, lactation of the nipples, and increased size of the areola. If you can squeeze your nipple and see any dew at the tips then you are starting to lactate. If left untreated the only recourse is surgery; however if treatment is started within weeks of noticing the changes then most cases of gyno can be reversed.

Estrogen Induced gyno is the result of taking steroids without a valid AI treatment which prevents steroids from aromatizing into estrogen.   Steroids that are common to convert to estrogen are Testosterone, sustanon, dianabol, and equipoise.   Prolactin induced gyno is caused by Trenbolone and nandrolone. On the other hand, masteron, proviron, superdrol, and primobolan are known to lower estrogen.

The best way to treat Gynecomastia is to not even develop it, when on steroid cycles properly does with the right AI and Anti Prolactin items. A top choice is aromasin because there will be zero estrogen rebound after cycle. And for high prolactin then you could take cabergonline or pramipexoline. However if you have started Gynecomastia already, then you can usually try to treat it by losing fat and using anti Estrogen drugs to avoid surgery.   Your options to assist are:

Novladex (Tamoxifen Citrate) which binds to estrogen receptors and prevents active estrogen from binding in it’s place. 20-80 mg a day is effective to treat gyno.

Letrozol (Femara) is a known AI and probably the most powerful AI out there droping estrogen by up to 95% or more. A dose of .25 to 2 mg a day to treat gyno.

Cabergolin (Dostinex) is a dopamine receptor agonist that inhibits prolactin secretion from the brain. .25 to .5 mg a day for prolactin induced gyno.

Remember – the best defense is a good offense so the proper use of supporting supplements should be on hand and used from day one and used through out. Not only for your safety but for the effectiveness of your cycle. You’ll gain more benefit on cycle by the proper levels of prolactin and estrogen in your system.

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