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International Pharmaceutical Firms: Your Health Your Money Your Rights Unfortunately Your Rights Are Restricted

International Pharmaceutical Firms: Your Health Your Money Your Rights
Unfortunately Your Rights Are Restricted

Your Money, Your Body, Your Rights? Unfortunately it’s not as easy as that, have you recently tried to order Generic Medications online only to find the payment options disappearing? You are not alone, for the last few years payment processing has become increasingly difficult for online Pharmacies. Under pressure, pressure from special interest groups and Big Pharmaceutical firms or both, Visa and MasterCard joined Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP) which is an alliance of organizations that aims are to protect people from rogue and unsafe online pharmacies. While this sounds like a wonderful group and every consumer needs protection against counterfeit medications, CSIP takes a very broad based approach to what is a rogue pharmacy and basically rejects any pharmacy based outside the United States mainland. While every person should be wary of ordering anything online especially medications, there are multitude of valid, safe, legitimate online pharmacies that do exist and care about your health and well being. More importantly online Generic Pharmacy providers can save you 50 to 80 % or more on your medication costs. While Americans are struggling to pay their medication needs, organizations like CSIP make it almost impossible for the average person to obtain reasonable cost safe medications from overseas.

First let us take a look at CSIP, The members are the entire Internet Ecosystem from domain name registers, registrars, Hosting Firms, Online Advertising, purchase and delivery agents, payment processors, and more. To name a few, American Express, Discover, Facebook, GoDaddy, Google, MasterCard, VISA, Microsoft, Paypal, UPS, Yahoo and that are only a few of the members. This small list here is the entire internet ecosystem, if CSIP can tell a domain name register to lock a domain name, tell search engines NOT to show International Pharmacies, tell hosts to shut your site, tell payment processors like credit cards and paypal to not accept payments for International Pharmacies, it is no wonder that online international pharmacies fight an uphill battle daily to provide you reasonable cost safe medications. As if the list above is not difficult enough to deal with, the biggest concern is the ex officio member named Legit Script.

Before we get to LegitScript, CSIP appears to be focused solely on keeping it’s members in good graces of the Big Pharmaceutical Industry and governments rather then helping American Consumers obtain safe and lower cost generic medications and by limiting safe and affordable medicines is in reality a danger to public health. In 2010 CSIP was created by a plan from the White House Office of the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator who was handed this plan by the Pharmaceutical Industry. Notice this is not the plan of the FDA or DEA or others, the plan was created by the Pharmaceutical Industry working with INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ENFORCEMENT. Nothing about your health and safety, all about the financial bottom line of the largest conglomerate firms in the world maintaining their income streams.

The CSIP has two main purposes, to scare the public away from using illegal pharmacies, which they classify as any pharmacy outside of the USA which sell genuine but lower priced medication to Americans. Their second purpose is to shut down online pharmacies by blocking their ability to appear in online searches and block their payment processing, cut off the payments and the firms will die. And how does CSIP and it’s members classify illegal pharmacies? Well this is where LegitScript comes into the picture.

The exofficio member of CSIP for monitoring online pharmacies is called LegitScript. LegitScript is a private company that certifies online pharmacies for safety and they have obtained multiple contracts even one from the FDA for 5.2 million USD to monitor the internet; however they automatically reject any pharmacy that is NOT located inside the USA and every drug must be FDA approved if selling into the USA. So even if the products are certified for sale in the EU they would be classified as a rogue pharmacy operator by Legit Script as they do not carry FDA approval.  Safe and legal and certified for sale in the EU but Rogue for the USA.

Again, consumer protection is important; however many question how LegitScript which is NOT a USA Federal Agency of any sorts and has no legal right to shut down any operation is able to tell CSIP to freeze domain names, reject payment processing, lock sites hosted on the web, reject advertising for firms just because they are not in the USA is criminal with NO DUE PROCESS.   LOOK at the power LegitScript holds and there is no Due Process at all, if this was any other industry or area people would be up in arms; however as CSIP tells Google, Yahoo and others what they can display it is no wonder this news is not more broadly knows.  What CSIP and LegitScript is based on smoke and mirrors with no legal frame work to back them up. LegitScript is a private company set up by John Horton who worked in the Bush White House as the Deputy Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy and he went on to exploit that position to personally line his own pockets financially while denying American’s of low cost generic medications. While serving in his Government Position, congress requested a report on a strategy to stop advertisements on information about obtaining drugs over the internet, and the scope was limited to controlled substances; however John Horton changed the scope to limiting any medication whether it be controlled or non controlled. This is rumored to have been done under the influence of Lobby Groups from Big Pharmaceutical Firms which obviously make less money when people have access to Generic Medications. Given how Big Pharmaceutical firms set up CSIP it comes as no stretch that they would also back and fund LegitScript.

The results of this was:: ““The DEA, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and/or ONDCP will meet with the major Internet advertising services (Google, Yahoo and others) to encourage voluntary action such that only online pharmacies in compliance with Federal and State laws are advertised through the major Internet advertising services. Search engines will be requested to voluntarily adopt standards that comply and encourage consumer compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations, and Boards of Pharmacy standards. This will be done in consultation with the State Boards of Pharmacy through the NABP.” “ Which is only setting up John Horton’s own business LegitScript which he founded in 2007. After submitting his report to Congress John Horton left office and went on to conduct business which is a misuse of position policy by using his public office for his private gain. In 2009 John Horton moved his Legitscript from a non for profit to a for profit however they deny they are only a front for Big Pharmaceutical companies and lobby groups; however LegitScript takes no payment from pharmacies for certification, so who is funding the operation besides the US Government contracts?

We feel it is very apparent that CSIP and LegitScript are only tools of the Big Pharma operations limiting peoples access to fair priced medications. Currently LegitScript has expanded their powers by reporting any rogue online pharmacy to Domain and Web Hosting groups and getting the domain names locked, and the hosts to shut down the web sites of any pharmacy that LegitScript claims is not valid. However LegitScript only recognizes US Based Pharmacies, so everything outside of USA according to them is a rogue pharmacy. LegitScript is not serving the good of the American People who already pay more then any other nationality for medications, they are are not a Federal Agency, however with Lobby Groups and pressure they have effectively limited payment, advertising, hosting, and searches for SAFE and affordable generic medications.

While many had hopes for President Obama and Obama Care, their true stripes were shown by congress and the Obama White House. To open up competition in medications would have been one of the few things that Obamacare was worth having. During the political process there were measures introduced for Pharmacies to report any price increase over 10% and to make it illegal for firms to pay off generic manufacturers to NOT make their generic counterparts which sure sounds like paying competition not to produce as a genuine antitrust violation. Yes this is correct, Big Pharmaceutical firms pay firms NOT to make low cost generics which is 100% a violation of antitrust but the US Government allows this practice to limit your access to affordable medicine.  So what happened, how did Big Pharmaceutical companies deal with ObamaCare? Pharmaceutical companies pledged 80 billion USD to help fund Obamacare in 2009 in exchange for protection from drug price negotiations that the democrats wanted to include in the affordable care act. Clearly the US congress and the white house had no interest in protecting the American citizen but only to line the pockets of Big Pharmaceutical companies and their lobbies.   End Result, even with ObamaCare Big Pharmaceuticals paid them off to maintain their monopoly.

Even once online pharmacies battle their way around the above restrictions now comes the biggest danger of LegitScript and CSIP and their little backroom gang of Big Pharmaceutical firms, their ability to pressure merchant banks to stop processing payments. Through their influence they have effectively put so much pressure on Merchant Banks to stop high risk processing that it makes it impossible for pharmacies to get paid. Currently High Risk Merchants in the Pharmacy area need to have over 100,000 USD a month in sales and be USA based operation to even apply for Credit Card processing. HOW can a firm obtain 100,000 USD a month in sales if there is no way to get paid in the first place?  This is the reason why people need to learn Bitcoin and the world needs to embrace non regulated currency. It is your money and it is your right to use it how you wish.

Does it sound like CSIP, your congress, LegitScript and the US FDA has gone too far in limiting the public’s access to to generic medication? Well the National Bureau of Economic Research believes the FDA has gone too far. “A blanket warning against any foreign website may deny consumers substantial price savings,” states the report from the National Bureau of Economic Research. Their economic analysis states there is good reason for safety warnings but many Americans do not fill their prescriptions because they can not afford to do so, and some legitimate foreign pharmacies may offer medicines at prices lower then those of US suppliers. “In the U.S., tens of millions of Americans go without prescribed medication due to cost each year,” the study says. “For most uninsured Americans, lower priced drugs from foreign online pharmacies are an attractive option and for many a necessary one.”
“In light of this,” the researchers asked, “we wonder whether a blanket warning against foreign websites has limited price competition between U.S. and foreign websites, and whether a more open and educational policy could make better use of the existing verification services for consumer savings in authentic drugs.”

To us that sure sounds like a direct statement about the failure of CSIP and LegitScript towards protecting the American Public. While people have the right to purchase Health Killing products like Tobacco and Alcohol, there are people actively working to LIMIT your right to affordable medications for the sole purpose of building up their own bank accounts. You are allowing your Government to limit your freedom, your choices, your rights on how to best manage your health and your Government is putting those rights into the hands of a NON Federal Agency such as LegitScript.

We here at battle daily very large and powerful forces that want to limit the services we provide to you our clients.  We’ve had our site attacked, our domain attacked, our advertising attacked, our payment processors removed, we’ve battled for a while trying to only supply quality products at a fair price to you our clients.  We are not asking for sympathy and we are surely not perfect, our web site needs work, a lot of work, and our supply chain needs work and there is an endless list of upgrades we can do and do plan to do.  However we spend a LOT of our time just maintaining against people who want to block your access to affordable pharmacies like ourselves.  We only sell quality brands like CIPLA / INTAS / GSK / J&J to name a few, companies that are contracted and paid to make medications that you buy for a huge mark up.

So we just wanted to give our clients a background on the situation and give you all a BIG thank you for supporting us.  The more you can learn alternate payments like Bitcoin, the more you spread the word that we are an honest firm and we provide quality goods, the better we can service you and all.  The more you can promote us to your friends, family, associates and around the world the better we can provide for you.

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