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Mechanics of Estrogen: Gynecomastia / Gyno and Supplements to control estrogen levels

One of the more challenging hormones to handle for Steroid users is Estrogen and as it plays a significant role in the development of Gynecomastia / Gyno it is highly important to understand. If there is one area to get just right it is your estrogen levels as this causes your mood, libido, affects your skin acne, appetite, and more. If you feel off just a little bit, it is most likely your Estrogen levels are not ideal and when you have those levels perfect, you will know it, you will fell like a million dollars and you will train like a world champion.

Signs of high estrogen are: Acne, oily skin, depression, lethargy, insomnia, loss of sex drive or libido, water retention / limited urination, small testicles, soft testicles, high hanging scrotum, changes in blood pressure, constipation, grumpiness, to name a few.

Signs of low estrogen are: Dry skin and lips, dehydration, loss of libido, morning erection, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, lack of appetite, constipation, dandruff or itchy scalp, to name a few.

As you can see high or low estrogen is damaging to your overall life and obviously your work outs which means it is essential to nail your estrogen levels just right. Most importantly is the relationship of Estrogen to Gyno for many bodybuilders. The are three types of gyno, estrogen induced, prolactin induced, and progesterone induced. All three types of gyno start with your estrogen, once you let your estrogen rise up your brain will start your body lactating if you are a man or a women. First your body use that estrogen to build up breast tissue which is required for lactation, after that if your estrogen is high your progesterone will increase which will make your breasts larger and expand your aerolas getting them ready for lactation. And the last stage is Prolactin lactation which your progesterone and estrogen will reduce and your prolactin will spike causing lactation. As you can see, Estrogen levels causes a lot of negatives but of utmost concern to most bodybuilders is the relationship between estrogen and gynecomastia / gyno.

It would be simple to assume to remove all estrogen to avoid these negatives but as we showed earlier low estrogen is not healthy and estrogen affects your hair, skin, libido by most importantly estrogen is good for your liver. And if you remove all your estrogen lvels your HDL/LDL1 will be completely out of sorts so you need to really dial in your estrogen levels correctly.

Three common supplements to help control your Estrogen levels are Exemestane, Arimidex, and Letromina. Out of these Arimidex and Letromina are classified as non suicidal in which they just bind to estrogen you convert. Letromina binds to more then arimidex does and the problem with this is that all the estrogen you accumulate that are bound are released when you stop taking. This is classified as estrogen rebound. As you stop cycle you have lower testosterone and higher estrogen which can lead to bloat or even gyno. Aromasin on the other hand is suicidal in which it destroys a percentage of your estrogen by destroying the aromataze enzyme. So when you stop aromasin you won’t rebound.

Arimidex will lower your estrogen by about 50% and is best used for Testosterone replacement therapy. Letromina is very harsh and should be used with caution. Aromasin is best for blasting cycles but you can become sensitive to it the more you use so you start at a higher dose then lower it as the cycle goes on. Which if you do not monitor your levels you can crash your estrogen at which you can only go off aromasin / exemestane and take some HGH to rebound your estrogen natural levels and then move to another AI like arimidex. A secondary major downside of exemestane is that it greatly affects hair loss.

The half life of Exemestane is about 8 hours but as soon as it is into your blood stream it destroys 85% of yoru aromatase enzymes it will reduce estrogen for about 72 hours after a single dose.   People not only take Exemestane on sycle they take it for Post Cycle Therapy as well as it can increase your bio available testosterone by almost double.   As Exemestane / Aromasin can stop gynecomastia, reduces bloat, lowers your SHBG which makes your cycle all the more powerful, increases your libido, non toxic to liver, and no estrogen rebound you can see why exemestane / aromasin is the most popular current choice. AS a gynecomastia reversal (using with raloxifene), boosting testosterone off cycle, using it for PCT, and for helping with hypogonadism then aromasin is the item to look at.

For Prolactin Estrogen, there are two items, Cabergoline and Pramipexole. Cabergoline will lower your progesterone and inhibit your prolactin and lactation. Pramipexole is similar to Caber but you do need to be careful and gradually build up and slowly taper down as it is addictive. The only positive of Pramipexole is that if taken correctly it can help you sleep which is helpful on some cycles of Tren.

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