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Penis Power – Guide to Male Performance

Penis Power   –   Guide to Male Performance


When we were younger our sex drive was always on overdrive, ready willing and able. More importantly we had power. Power to Act, Power in Completion, Power in Recovery. As we age we look back and fondly remember those times blaming aging as the reason we lose those abilities. But there are ways to regain our Sexual Powers or reverse the effects of time. We can regain our power, libido, confidence, and erectile abilities of our youth.


Men suffer from a rarely discussed and often misunderstood condition called Andropause as we age, which is exactly the same as women suffering from menopause. Women produce testosterone also, and their hormones change and we call this menopause. Menopause is accepted medical condition that is treated with hormone therapy; it is a condition that is taught to all first year medical students. However with males, Andropause is a gradual and slow decline in the hormone testosterone and there is a misconception about hormone therapy for male Andropause.


Andropause is simply the lowering of testosterone in males to a point that by the time men are on average 60 years old they have clinically low testosterone levels. Starting on average at 30 years old men gradually produce less and less testosterone where as women have a dramatic and drastic hormonal change. Men consider the slow decline in hormone normal aging.


Due to distorted media coverage, most people associate testosterone with steroid abuse by bodybuilders and athletes. This is far from the truth. Testosterone is a natural hormone produced by our bodies, the same as Insulin is. Diabetics inject insulin, i.e. Hormone therapy, and that is well accepted by society; however a male with low testosterone who injects testosterone is a drug user. The double standards are absurd in today’s society. Testosterone Therapy is often shunned by even medical professionals due to lack of understanding. Endocrinology is a medical specialty that most doctors do not get proper training in hormone physiology so most doctors are not even properly schooled in testosterone therapy. Most Endocrinologist deal in diabetes or thyroid issues. Most Urologists deal with prostate and bladder conditions. As such there is very few medical professionals adequately trained to assist most males as they lose their natural testosterone.


When males are in their 20’s they are at their peak, they are confident, strong, invulnerable, manly, with the ability to party all night and wake up the next morning and continue on. As males get into their Thirties, they notice they can not party all night and perform a proper work day the following day. They start to lose their muscle mass, they gain weight and lower energy, drive and focus. Starting in males at 30 years old they start to lose 1 to 3% of their testosterone per year. Upon hitting the Forties they body suffers aches and pains, joints are sorer, work outs are not enjoyable, the nights are harder, and many men stop having morning erections like in their twenties. It is in and after our forties that males start to enter Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism which is simply, our hormones are not releasing the right levels of GnRH, LH and testosterone so we start to enter Andropause.


How long ago was your best sexual experience? How often do you think about sex? How often do you want to have sex? How often do you actually have sex? How do you feel after orgasms, are you relaxed, happy or do you feel drained and tired? Do you enjoy foreplay? Are you satisfied with your sex life? Do you discus sex with your partner and try new activities? It is estimated that up to 30 million American males suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction is physical, mental and emotional. But more importantly it is hormonal. The lowering of testosterone decreases the frequency of morning erections, lowering the desire for foreplay, the losing of erection after penetration, lack of intensity and forcefulness in orgasm and lowering of semen.


Due to the lowering of testosterone happening over 20 years, it is a gradual slow reduction that many men chalk this up to simple aging. We accept it; we forego our youthful virility and accept old age. But we do not need to, there is no reason that men need to accept being in Normal Testosterone range for their age. First there is no normal levels, every person is different. Testosterone levels are only levels, not what we could or should be at. For a male who has a testosterone level of 300 pg/ml when he is 20 years old, and drops to a level of 100 pg/ml when he is 50 or 60, that can be in normal range. But that is a dramatic and huge drop for him personally. Whereas a male who has a testosterone level of 150 pg/ml when he is 20 and drops to 100 pg/ml when he is 50 years old is in the same range as the first example. However the effects on each other’s body is dramatically different due to the large drop of the first example.


Why must males accept a gradual decline and be in a NORMAL level range? Who is to say it is normal for you or me? Why can we not be above average? Why must our bodies lose the necessary hormones that enable us to lead an active healthy life? There are many items we can do to raise our testosterone levels and keep them higher then normal. And this write up is just a brief primer on what we can do to regain our lost male sexual power and lead a more happier and healthier life. Hopefully we can produce more in-depth guides on each area in the near future.


There are many options to regain your sexual virility, PD-5 Inhibitors (oral ED medications) are commonplace. Tadalafil / Cialis, Avanafil / Stendra, Vardenafil / Levitra, and of course sildenafil / Viagra have been around for many years. While these have a huge and profound impact for males and work wonderfully, the male sexual health is still going to be dependent upon a proper supply of testosterone in our bodies.


Sildenafil is the most notable PDE5 around and most men take 50 mg up to 100 mg an hour before sexual activity. The effects last around 4 hours and you should not take more then one dose every 24 hours.


Cialis is most commonly taken at 20 mg the first day then 10 mg every day after that up to 20 mg every day. I understand that many people use overseas web sites to order these PDE5s however currently in many parts of the world a prescription is needed. In many parts of the world PDE5 are prescription medications; however I am aware that due to costs and other reasons many people order their items on line. This is risky as there are many fake and copy items in the world especially given online mediations.


The first area we need to look at is in the bedroom itself. But not the sexual part, the sleep part. Most people in developed countries are sleep deprived.   Getting the right hours of quality sleep a night is like a bank, you short change a deposit you carry that negative balance forward. For every night you do not get quality sleep you carry that forward. Lack of sleep does more then lower our testosterone levels, it makes us more susceptible to getting colds and flu, makes us irritable, delays our reaction time, it overall affects our mental and physical health including our libido. We should know and accept by now that lack of sleep increases our cortisol levels which is a major factor in weight gain and diabetes. If it is the lack of sleep or the stress caused by lack of sleep, lack of sleep is a major factor in lowering male testosterone levels.


The Journal of the American medical Association showed through a study published in 2011 that sleep deprivation was linked to a dramatic reduction in testosterone levels in healthy men. The average age was 24 years old in this study. If healthy young males suffer lowering of testosterone due to lack of sleep, and if we do carry forward a negative balance in lack of sleep, imagine how lower our testosterone can be due to a simple item such as lack of quality sleep.


Our lack of sleep can be due to stress we should set a plan and rules to help us gain the sleep we need. Take a few minutes every day or twice a day to clear your mind and relax, reward yourself for good sleep do not punish yourself for poor sleep, stay properly hydrated and eat healthy, get some exercise every day, turn off those cell phones and computers and keep blue light to a minimum, make rules for yourself such as no checking emails after 9 pm, etc… Electronics are part of our lives, but the physical attachment to being reachable 24 / 7 is wearing on our bodies and we must shut that attachment sometimes every day. A healthy exercise program involving resistance training, balance, and cardio aids our desire for sleep but also helps our overall testosterone release.


After sleep and as mentioned before, we must eat properly. Food is viewed as a reward today, our lives are planned around food; however food is only a fuel to keep us alive. And in todays fast paced world we give up the fresh and healthy for convenience. Today food is manufactured and produced by a few corporations who’s goals are to sell you more food. The foods have chemicals designed to keep them edible longer (not fresher, edible), hold their color or have their colors dyed, the entire food culture today is one large corporate scam.


Before we used to grow our food, eat fresh and healthy. Now we are so full of toxins diabetes is commonplace. Diabetes is a lack of insulin, a hormone, the same as testosterone. So if poor nutrition has given a dramatic rise to diabetes, what are the same toxins doing to our testosterone levels, which is also a hormone produced by our bodies? Today over 66% of Americans are overweight. After sleep, a proper diet can aide our testosterone levels. Use a high protein low carbohydrate diet. Eat every 3 to 4 hours to avoid blood sugar spikes and consume smaller meals. Eat plenty of fiber which is vegetables. Consider using and monitoring your GI levels in your diet. Avoid alcohol and juices. Replace them with water. Most importantly, plan. Know your nutrition schedule, plan ahead. If you do not plan your nutrition you will eat poorly and not change your eating habits.


Many times we can not obtain he proper nutrients in eating alone, as such we should be aware of items that can help our overall health. Not just our health but they can help our sleep, our semen count, even the volume of our ejaculation. Not everyone needs all items and you should be careful in taking any item even vitamins. But the listing below has shown positive results for men’s overall health, sexual health, and general mental well being.










MELATONIN. For assistance in getting proper sleep.


























Avena Sativa


Muira Puama


Polypdoum Vulgare

Rhodi-Ola Rosea






Hormone Therapy is based on ranges and it is extremely difficult to get a doctor who understands this area.


Reference Intervals of Free Testosterone for Males


7 months to 9 years     Less than 30 ng/dL (< 1.04 nmol/L)

10–13 years     1–619 ng/dL (0.04–21.48 nmol/L)

14–15 years     100–540 ng/dL (3.47–18.74 nmol/L)

16–19 years     200–970 ng/dL (6.94–33.66 nmol/L)

20–39 years     270–1,080 ng/dL (9.00–37.48 nmol/L)

40–59 years     350–890 ng/dL (12.15–30.88 nmol/ L)

60 years and older     350–720 ng/dL (12.15–24.98 nmol/L)


Total Testosterone is a different scale and you should be careful to know which you are testing for. Men should test their Testosterone once every five years starting at a young age to obtain proper reference data points.


With proper testosterone levels you will feel stronger, more confident, more energy, more muscles, better body repair, and an improved sex drive. This is treatment of a medical condition, it is not the same as steroid abuse by bodybuilders. However we must thank the Body Builder community because most of the data and knowledge comes from them. There is very little medical attention on the condition of suboptimal levels of Testosterone. Does this increase our risk of disease? Where as the role of estrogen in women is highly researched. So we must thank the bodybuilder community as without them we would have very little information on the role of testosterone in our bodies.


Ways to increase testosterone with medications include the following:


Oral Testosterone Pills, has a strong negative impact on liver so many people take items to take care of their livers while on oral pills. Items that do help you r liver are: Milk Thistle, Evening Primrose, Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, N Acetyl Cysteine, and Glycrrhizinate Forte to name a few help maintain proper liver health.


Testosterone supplements (natural / herbal), is not regulated by the US FDA so very little can be known for sure on these products.


Topical Gels, easy to spread to other people by touch and messy.


HCG injections, shown to increase testosterone but mostly used for fertility treatment. Currently legal in most countries.


Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection of testosterone, difficult to get a proper prescription for items. Medications dominated by individuals crafting these items outside a proper laboratory and in unsafe conditions.


A newer items for Intramuscular injections is Long Acting Testosterone Undecanoate injections.


Due to the ease of obtaining Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid) many men do take this to increase their Testosterone levels. In a study 75% of the men taking Clomid were found to improvement in their Ed issues.


Before I spend more time on Testosterone I am going to put in a small section here as I do feel it should be mentioned. Another item that can raise your Testosterone levels is HGH which should not be confused with HCG. HGH stimulates the body to grow and as we age not only does our testosterone levels drop but our HGH levels decrease also. Males lose about 14% of their HGH levels every 10 years so that by the time they are 60 they have lost 75% of the Growth Hormone they had when they were in their 20’s. Symptoms of low levels of Growth Hormone in males area: Loss of muscle mass, lowered endurance, lower sexual desire, lack of concentration, depression, and more. Very similar symptoms to loss of testosterone which makes this very hard to diagnose. Further, where as lower testosterone is often not fully understood by Medical Professionals, lack of GH or Adult GH deficiency is a very rare disorder and there are only three reasons why a USA doctor can legally prescribe HGH to a patient. It is so hard to diagnosis that when we do find doctors who have some knowledge in these fields, they mostly look at testosterone and thyroid issues in males and not GH levels.


While the most efficient and effective treatment for raising lower GH levels is to inject HGH, very few doctors will prescribe this. With a very poor understanding about hormones the US shut the door on this type of therapy for most of the citizens with the passage of a regulation in 1998 making it illegal to treat with GH except for certain rare cases. And currently people need to try to obtain it form overseas which is not proper or legal to do.   As such you can help raise your natural GH levels with proper physical activity, proper sleep and diet, and the right supplements. Zinc, Calcium, Niacinamide (B-3), Maca, Mucuna Prurines, Btribulus Terrestis, L-arginine, L-glutamine, Gaba, L-dopa, glycine, L-ornithine, Ornithine Alpha Ketogulutarate, and B6 to name a few help raise GH levels in most men.



Intramuscular Injections of Testosterone usually comprises of using Testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate. I firmly support intramuscular injections over patches or gels as they are the most cost effective way to increase your testosterone levels. The down side is that you do need to inject yourself or spend time waiting in your doctors office for them to inject you. Most people are first prescribed 200 to 300 mg of testosterone every two weeks but this can vary greatly.


The last two I will briefly mention are, for extreme cases of ED there is Alprostadil available which is an injection medication used in extreme cases of ED.   And for normal situations the ingestion of Clomiphene Citrate raises normal T levels in most men.


Some doctors used to advise patients to take Adderall or Ritalin as a stimulant to help increase their sexual desires. Due to the current restrictions on these medications many doctors are turning to using Armodafinil or Modafinil as a stimulant to aide their patients. Aromodafinil is a product that assists people staying alert and awake. It is not an amphetamine and does not require a special prescription.


Keigel Exercises are hard to get used to at first but can dramatically cure ED in most males after 6 months of doing Keigel exercises. Just like overall body exercises improve health, keigel exercises directly improve male penis health by improving the pelvic floor muscle and increasing the urinary tract and blood flow.


Role Play and Fantasy go a long way to increasing one’s desire. A man should feel free to open up and discuss his fantasies with his partner without shame or embarrassment. Many people write to me to discuss where can they go on holiday to have fantasy sex or what shop should they use to buy adult toys or lingerie. Most men will get sexually stimulated considering a scantly dressed lady half their age ready willing and able to perform fantasy sex with them. Just the thought of this I am sure raises their testosterone levels dramatically. As such we should not be ashamed of fantasy, role-playing, or sexual holidays.



The Peter North Desire: Many men have the desire or fantasy to have Porn Star Sex, or Cum like Peter North, or be hung like John Holmes. While there is no pill or medication to increase your size to be like John Holmes, there are items to increase your ejaculation volume and assist you in having “Porn Star Sex.” Often times I am asked, I am going overseas on holiday and I want to be able to have as much sex as I can. This is where Sex Stacks come into play.


For the Ejaculation Volume, HCG injections are often taken to increase load size. For rehash, the vitamins and herbs for increasing your ejaculation volume are: Maca, Tribulus terresits, Horny Goat Weed, Zinc, Ginseng, Vit C, Vit E, Bt B12, Vit E, L Arginine, L carnitine, Cranberries, Saw Palmetto, Shatarvi, Yohimbe, Sarsaparilla, Mura Puama, Cordyceps, Ginko Biloba, Cardamom, Kua Gua, and Xian Mao.


Modafin or Aromodafinil is taken to stay awake and keep getting busy J While lack of sleep is detrimental to your overall health, for a few nights, especially while on holiday, our bodies can suffer and experience some debauchery if we let it.


Cabergoline reduces prolactin when it finds any prolactin and many men have high levels of Prolactin in their body. The decrease in Prolactin increases the persons recharge or time between ejactulations.


Mesterolone (often called Proviron) is used in enhancing the potency of the natural testosterone in a male. Most of the male testosterone is bound to SHBG and albumin. And in this set up the testosterone is inactive.   This item is mostly taken at 25 to 50 mg per day and is a new libido drug by supplementing your body’s natural male sex hormones. In the clinical studies males were able to ejaculate then immediately repeat with very little to not break. Prolactin is produced by the male at point of orgasms during sex, and prolactin reduces the desire for more sex by preventing new erections. Majority of men need time, 10 to 120 minutes between orgasms; however by taking Cabergoline you can achieve several orgasms in a few minutes. Average dose is 0.25 mg to 0.50 mg twice a week.


I know multiple individuals who partake in Fantasy Sex while taking supplements like above as well as vitamins and minerals. The call what they take their “Sex Stack” and can include Cialis, while Cabergoline while on Proviroum and injecting HCG. They find their perfect combination to achieve reload time, volume loads, and more.


Not ONE of the items above is your solution, everyone is unique with various medical and family history that affects their health levels. As such you need to work to find your sweet spot, the correct level of medications, supplements, exercise, rest, and others to achieve your optimal sexual health. Do not make too many changes at one time as you would not know what is working and which ones are not working. And like everything else in life, my changing too much at one time the less likely we will stick with the changes so try to avoid doing more then three major life changes per month. Always discuss with your doctor any major life changes you will undergo and we strongly suggest that everyone wears a heart monitor while exercising.

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