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Pramipexole vs Cabergoline

Pramipexole vs. Cabergoline: Which Anti Prolactin Medicine Is Right For You To Prevent Gynecomastia and Lactating Nipples


Currently the two best anti prolactin drugs are pramipexole (Prami) and cabergoline (Caber / Dostinex), but which one is best for you depends on each person. Both are very similar in side effects and while one might affect one person very harshly, the other will not. So there is no set standard formula for anyone to say this is better for you then that, but obviously if you take one item and you can not stand the side effects you should switch and try the other, that is just common sense.


First let us make sure why we are comparing the two, while taking Trenbolone or Nandrolone, many body builders can suffere from lactating nipples or gynecomasita (Gyno) which is the formation of breast tissue. As well as loss of sex drive and even impotence. This is due to Prolactin increase in the body and why it is necessary for bodybuilders to take an anti-prolactin such as cabergoline or pramipexole.


The best way to combat most side effects for both of these is to gradually take the item and increase dose over time. Many users just take a normal dose right from the start and suffer the higher side effects. This will greatly reduce the common side effects of nausea and tiredness. Pramipexole is generally a lower costing item then Cabergoline even if you need to dose Pramipexole every day compared to taking Cabergoline 2 times a week. In the early days and when we could not buy items from online shops most of the UGL’s would supply fake cabergoline, so it was easier to get pramipexole then genuine cabergoline. Now it is easier to get either product and genuine product with out having to rely on some UGL brewing some powder from China. Never trust your AI / PCT to UGL’s when you have access to so many valid on line pharmacy’s.


Currently Cabergoline has the upper hand in most common used item today; however parmipexole has shown it’s ability to increase GH levels and that is a nice side effect to have. However if asked, I would say the best item is the one which causes you the least negative side effects, so if one is causing you bad side effects then switch and try the other. Both are effective at their role of reducing prolactin.

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