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Sex Cocktail: Items that affect your libido, load and more

Sex Cocktail: Items that affect your libido, load and more

Cialis / Viagra / Vardenafil / Cabergoline / HCG / Proviron


Men base a lot of their self esteem on their sexual prowess, and when one’s libido or performance suffer, so suffers the male in every aspect of his life. Rational or not, Libido and Sexual Performance are the cornerstone of man kind. There are a variety of items in this world that can affect one’s libido, natural and chemical. I am going to touch on a few items that have shown to affect one’s sexual prowess.


Cialis / Viagra / Vardenafil / and more: These are discussed all over the web and people take them 20 mg up to 60 mg for Cialis and 100 mg for Viagra and varying amounts for vardenafil and others. Due to the qty of online resources we will not go into serious detail here they are common corner stones to any Sex Cocktail mix out there. Easily obtained from online sources. Personally I recommend Cialis however Avana has shown great promise for many.


Cialis and Viagra Strips: There are currently now available Cialis and others in strips forms that seem to be very well liked and easy to transport. There is nothing worse then trying to pour in a jelly pack into your mouth or hunt in your pocket for that little pill that came out of it’s foil pack and covered in pocket lint and who else knows what. I highly recommend Cialis strips for keeping on hand for the right moment.


Dapoxetine / Priligy : While we are talking about medicines to increase and recharge our sex, we might also want a way to hold back the point of orgasm. Dapoxetine will make it more difficult to orgasm and comes in a variety of strengths. Why would a man want to extend out his orgasm besides the obvious answer of premature ejactualtion? Well to have a sex weekend or a night to really rock and roll with your mate or mates to perform for hours can be exciting to many men (and ladies). Taken this to another level if you happen to be with two ladies and you want to enjoy all positions possible you sure do not wish to complete your transaction in a manner of minutes, even if it is 45 minutes. Sometimes you need the assistance to hold back and have that volcanic orgasm.


Super Viagra, Super Cialis, Super Avana: There are now ED medications mixed in with Dapoxetine so you get the benefits of an ED medication as well as Dapoxetine to prolong your pleasure.


True story: A known MMA fighter was visiting and happened upon a lady who wanted the longest night of her life and challenged him to give it to her. So he turned to me and he asked for some assistance. He was provided Super Avana which is Avana with Dapoxetine and a strip Cialis. He ended up having a four hour long session where when he completed the transaction his legs shook uncontrollably for 20 minutes and the young lady had the experience of her life.   Now don’t worry if you take any Super item you wont’ be going hour and hour if you do not want to, he purposely held back and had the most volcanic orgasm of his life time.


Cialis and Kamagra mix: There is a mix medication out there now that has 100 mg of Kamagra and 20 mg of Cialis. I personally have not tried it but many report that it greatly aids them.


Cabergoline: Shortens your recharge time, allowing you to achieve multiple orgasms. Average dose is .25 to .50 mg in a week. Up to 1 mg every three days. This has some side effects so dial in your needed dose ahead of time. I highly recommend this one, the repeat orgasms and sheer quantity of orgasms achieved is heightened. Some men experience continual repeat ongoing orgasms where as others only obtain a shortening of their recharge time. Meaning if it normally took them two hours to have the ability to perform again, on cabergoline it only takes them an hour. So if you recharge in 30 minutes you could be back to business in 15 or less. This is easily obtained from on line sources.


HCG: The Peter North Effect, if you wish to increase your semen load / spray a stream or similar then HCG injections usually do the trick. It takes some time to load so start in advance but injecting 500 up to 1000 IU every other day has shown for many a dramatic increase in their volume and allowing for multiple orgasms.


Clomiphene / Clomid: This has been shown to increase libido and semen volume. However many overdo the clomid and harm their libido. You should try 10 to 15 mg every two days or similar where as many start on 50 mg twice a week. That is too high a dose for any type of volume and libido enhancement.


Mesterolone / Proviron: 25 to 50 mg per day. Increases your repeat performances and volume. This one you need to start taking a lot longer prior to sex to have it build up properly and is harder to obtain. But a lovely item to have in your kit and take in advance for any sex holiday you might be going on.


Testosterone: Pills / Patches / Injections. Highly recommend injections over pills or gels. TRT dose is one injection every two weeks. Harder to obtain but worth talking to your doctor to go on TRT treatment.



Everyone needs time to dial in their perfect cycle for their own sex cocktail so I strongly suggest to practice and enjoy the practice J



A sample mix of my one friend is:


Proviron 50 mg daily

Caber .25 up to .5 mg every third day or less

Hcg   500 to 1000 iu every other day for three weeks

Cialis 20-40 mg the day you expect to perform

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