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The use of Letrozole (Letro) for Gynecomastia / Gyno

Gynecomastia is the growth of breast tissue and is often caused steroid use which increases the estrogen (the female hormones) and / or decreases the testosterone (male hormone) in bodybuilders. One of the more common treatments for Gyno is the use of Letrozole or Letro for short. The two main areas we will touch on here are Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) and Aromatise Inhibitor (AI).   SERM’s work by binding to the estrogen receptors and making it difficult for estrogen to bind to them preventing the onset of estrogen related side effects. More common SERM’s are Tamoxifen / Nolvadex, Clomiphene / Clomid. AI’s on the other hand inhibit the aromatization of estrogen which means it blocks androgens from converting to estrogen. More common AI’s are Anastrozole, Exemestane / Aromasin, Femara / Letrozole or Letro.


Letrozole / Letro is one of the most potent AI’s available and many do not start with Letro, most people start by using a different SERM or AI due to how potent Letro can be. However there are few items that can assist in reversing Gynecomastia / Gyno once it has started as good as Letro can. If you do decide to start running Letro for your anti estrogen then you should start at a low dose, just around .25 mg as AI will inhibit 98% or more of the estrogen. Bodybuilders will often start taking Letro two weeks before their steroid cycle begins.   While on Letro it is more then potent enough that there is no reason to take any other AI or SERM, more is not better. In fact if you take Nolvadex and Letro together Nolvadex can reduce the potency of the Letro.


If you start to develop Gynecomastia / Gyno you will know it as the enlargement of your areola or more commonly said your nipple area and / or a hard lump under your nipple which is tender to touch. If you feel you have started to develop Gyno, immediately start taking Letrozole as the longer you wait the more risk you run not being able to reverse it.     As such Letro should be in the medicine cabinet of every bodybuilder who is running steroids as a precaution.     Keeping a sleeve or two on had always is a common PRO TIP discussed by professionals.

It is highly recommended that when finishing Letro you start to take some other AI or SERM to normalize the Estrogen rebound. Once stopping Letro the estrogen will rebound and it would be advisable to work to prevent this by going on some other AI / SERM to prevent the rebound estrogen effect. coming off completely.

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